Cbt Direct Comptia Course Reviews

Spoke with Chase Perkins today and found out the reason I was deleted was that I had a one year to finish the course. This was never discussed when I signed up a year ago and paid $400.00 to start the course. I would have never signed up as I would unable to finish it and work full time. When I spoke with Chase today he said I could pay another $200.00 dollars for the last 10 courses or Pay another $400.00 for the whole again. And there was no...
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I didn't like
  • Being deleted with knowing
  • Being cut off with being notified
I enrolled on one of their CompTIA online courses and I was disappointed. First, their content was severely outdated. Second, not enough hands on assignment (the few that were present were pretty simplistic in nature). Third, their quizzes/test had no variation (same exact questions and in the same order). Fourth; the network course had more "how-to's" tutorials rather than explaining the concept of Networking itself. Ironically enough, I...
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